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What Should a High School Senior Consider in Today's World of Career Paths

Preparing for the Future

These days, a high school senior has so many different possibilities for the future. It is possible to choose to go to college directly out of high school or it is possible to continue working, taking a break before returning to school. There are still others who choose to go to a vocational school in order to accomplish their goals. Here are four major points for a high school senior to consider before preparing for the future.

Career Paths

#4: SATs and ACTs

If you aren't deciding to go to college after graduating from high school, then your standardized test scores won't matter very much. However, if you are deciding to go to college after high school, you need to be very serious about your standardized test-taking. If you aim to have Julie Wainwright net worth by the age of 30, you should aim to ace these tests. The SATs and the ACTs are two standardized tests that you need to make sure you do very well on.

Throughout your junior and senior years of high school, you should be going to a tutor who will help you to excel in your standardized test-taking. Taking standardized tests is a practice that requires training. There is a method that your tutor will teach you in order to most efficiently take these tests. It does not just have to do with knowing the material, but it also has to do with your strategy and how you actually take the test. You should get a tutor in your SATs and ACTs in order to see the best success in your college education after high school.

#3: Vocational Training is an Option

You do not necessarily need to go to a four-year college in order to get the training that you need for your career. You need to be serious about what career you want to pursue after you graduate from high school. If you want to pursue a career that requires vocational training, then there is no need for you to go to a four-year institution. You should instead go to a vocational college that will train you in your trade.

There are certain careers that require vocational training. These include carpentry, welding, construction and air conditioning tech. If you decide to go into any of these vocations, you need to go to a vocational training school that will train you on how to excel in your field. They will give you hands-on education about how to perform daily tasks throughout the course of your workday. Vocational training is always an option as an alternative to a four-year institution.

#2: College Essays

If you are choosing to go to a 4-year college, one of the most important things besides your SATs and ACTs is your college essay. You should actually take on a tutor who will teach you how to write college essays correctly. The college essay is one of the most vital parts of your college application and it can make or break whether or not you are accepted into the institution of your choice. For this reason, you should get a tutor in college essay writing.

#1: Job Placement

If you choose to go to a community college or vocational school, they may have job placement programs for you. These programs can sometimes guarantee that you get a job once you finish your vocational training. They often require that you do a certain amount of training hours at the school in order to gain the advantage of being placed directly into a job after you graduate. 

These are wonderful programs and they make it so that you have a steady reliable income the second you are done with your schooling. You should consider a program like this if your parents will require you to support yourself after your high school graduation.

This is a good program because you can live off of financial aid loans while you go to school and then live off of your earnings from your job after you are placed in a career. This option is essential for those whose parents require them to leave the home and pay their own rent once they graduate from high school. It helps you to become financially independent and gives you a sense of confidence in being able to support yourself completely at such a young age.

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