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How to Design the Best Search For Mobile App?

The app industry is on the rise! A great app with an enticing user interface helps in boosting the online presence of your business. It not only affects the online visibility of your brand but also helps in growing the top-line revenue of your business. 

With over 2.7 billion smartphone users across the world, it’s no surprise that the mobile app industry is thriving. App usage and smartphone users are growing at a steady rate, without any signs of slowing down in the near future.

Best Search For Mobile App

People these days spend a great amount of time on mobile devices to search for their desired products and services.

A study published in 2017 stated that 18- to 24-year-olds spent 66 percent of their digital media time using smartphone apps. (ComScore)

Whether it is searching the Yelp app for finding the restaurant reviews, gazing through the Amazon app for a new bag, or looking for a contact in WhatsApp, app users all over the world use search as an important part of their mobile app experience.

This is why while developing a mobile app for your business, you should never ignore the search UX of your app. Your product’s navigation or user journey depends on effective search functions. Thus, it’s important that you pay special attention to understand how to design search UX of a Mobile App.

Bad user experience can draw your users away from your app. You surely wouldn’t want this to happen. A well-designed search UX holds the key to connect with people. 

If designed poorly, your search UX can have slight effects on your app retention. So, you can leverage its potential to boost customer retention by using these techniques. The blog speaks of the ways to design search UX of your app.

Full-length Search Bar

Here is how to design the search UX on your Mobile App.  It’s important to design a full-length search bar in order to grab the user’s attention. A full-length search bar is a great search style that you should display prominently in your app, as it catches the attention of your users instantly and compels them to take certain actions.

For knowing, how to create the best search UX on your mobile, you need to place a full-length open-text search bar right next to the top of your app’s home screen. This may help you design the search UX on your mobile, that yours just won’t be able to ignore.

Designing a wide full-length “Search” bar on your app makes it easy for your users to hunt for the search option, especially if you are selling a product that demands great search. Offering a simple yet alluring search UX on your app allures more users, thus increasing the customer engagement of your app.

Icon-only Search

Using an icon-only search bar is one of the best ways to design the search UX on your App. You can design an icon-only search in order to leverage a minimalist and clean style in your product. This allows you to access more space on the screen.

Offering an icon-only search gives your users a simple approach to find results instantly with full functionality. This is why most of the businesses these days prefer to use the icon-only search bar style for its simple yet effective aesthetics.

Relevant Defaults

Let’s read more on how to design the search UX on your mobile app. Providing your users with relevant default searches is one of the ways to design the search UX on your App. By offering the relevant searches, you pre-populate your search bars with search queries that are meaningful to your users.

This is how you provide an improved personalization to your users. Let’s see how.  Pre-populating your app with relevant search results allure more users to your app and makes it easier for them to use your app. This way, you can keep the users hooked to your app. 

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For example, hotel apps use the users’ geolocation in order to create meaningful default searches for users. Based on the user’s data, hotel apps automatically suggest default searches that help in saving users’ time.

But, it’s important that you suggest a relevant default search so as to keep your users happy and satisfies. Offering irrelevant searches can upset your app users and drive them away from your app. Make sure to add true and relevant information to your default search inputs, else this could ruin the search UX of your app.


Integrating auto-suggestions to your app is a powerful tool that you can use while knowing about how to create the best search UX on your App. Auto-suggestions reduces the input data and lets users get immediate search results. 

Ideally, you should display auto-suggestions just after the third character of a query that has been inputted by the user. This helps in minimizing the users’ keystrokes on their mobiles, thus making it easy for your users to use the app.

Offering auto-suggestions let your users find what they’re actually looking for in less time. Clearly, it is one of the best ways to design search UX on your App.

As suggested by Google support, auto-suggestions consider the following

  • Terms that you are typing
  • Latest trending searches
  • Related searches that you’ve done in the past

Using ML techniques, businesses can provide more refined auto-suggestions that are more are more closely related to what your users are looking for. This idea would surely help you to know how to create the best search UX on your app.

Voice Search

Let’s discuss more on how to design search UX on a mobile app. With the advent of voice-search technology, users can easily search for the products by giving voice commands.

If integrated, voice search can play an important role in your search UX. You can easily place a microphone icon right near the search bar. This is how you can integrate voice search to almost any app with a search box.

“Hands off” mobile apps such as Google Maps and Waze are the most commonly used apps for voice search. As technology continues to evolve, further advancements in voice search technology can be expected in the coming years. As a result, you may see a number of ordinary apps offering search capabilities using voice-recognition. 

The Bottomline

There are a number of things that you can consider while knowing about, how to design search UX on a mobile app. As you work hard to create a better experience for your users, you should invest some time thinking about how to create the best search UX of your app. 

Creating a full-length display search bar, using icon-only searches, integrating relevant defaults, auto-suggestions, and voice-search technology adds to the users’ ease of using your app thus keeping them hooked to your app.

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