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How To Make A YouTube Outro?

YouTube, as we all know, is a highly informative, entertaining and versatile application. We all have our own favorite channels and subscriptions. Some of us even host certain channels on YouTube. All of us know what an 'Intro' is, right. So, it's easy to guess that 'Outro' is the conclusion or the end of a video. This is one of the key elements of video marketing of a brand on Youtube. But to be honest, it's much more than just an end.

Youtube Outro

What basically is an Outro?

How many channels have you seen that end the video in just a black fade-out? Nowadays, very rarely. An Outro is basically the end screen of a YouTube video that has a few clickable links. These may contain links to certain websites and to more videos of the same channel. It may as well advertise certain merchandise or sponsored items. Almost always, the Outro also has the profile picture and social media handles of the Channel host. At other times, an Outro has the host on camera asking the viewers to like, subscribe and share the video. This sounds familiar, right? Sometimes, it may also contain a video clip of a phone or desktop screen depicting the action of clicking on the subscribe button and the notification bell icon below.

Why do you have to have an Outro to you YouTube videos?

Some channels out there possess a very unique and engaging content, excellent videography, perfect format along with a strong and bold profile and yet have only a handful of views and subscribers. They probably are missing out on this wonderful concept of Outros. Outros make for an excellent conclusion because:

· They provide some hint to the viewers about the variety of content you post on YouTube.

· They compel the viewer to smash that like button below.

· You give a good ending to the video so as to make the viewer ponder over your content.

· People don’t forget to subscribe to your channel, in case they enjoyed the content.

· Your audience gradually expands, so you get to connect and relate to many more people over time

· You promote your own videos, so if people liked your content, they can just lazily click on the thumbnail to a video link in the Outro. They don't have to follow that long way of first visiting your channel and then searching for other similar videos. This way, you increase your views and traffic in your channel.

· You earn more profit in case your 'fans' are highly impressed by your content and right away purchase your merchandise.

· Your Instagram followers increase when you mention your Instagram handle in the Outro.

So, you kind of advertise and promote yourself by creating an Outro. Who wouldn't want to do that?! The possibilities are endless.

A complete guide for you to make incredible Outros

Make your video conclude with a blast with the InVideo's Youtube outro maker. InVideo is one of the best video editing software available in the market. This platform provides you with a number of fun Outro templates and a never-ending list of music tracks waiting for you, in order to help you grow your channel. Also, the secret to great Outros lies in CTA's. CTA stands for call to action. They are those buttons lying on the screen which you need to click to perform a particular action, like watch another video, subscribe to the channel, etc. These CTA's that are made by the Channel managers blend seamlessly into the video, making it relatable and engaging to the viewer. They may be anywhere in between the start and the end of the video, not necessarily in the Outro. But obviously, CTA's are the essence of an Outro. You can also place some CTA's in the description box below!

So, here is how to make use of the InVideo Outro Maker to make Outros:

1. You need to sign up into and create an account.

2. The platform has got a huge collection of templates. Search and select a template to suit your content type.

3. All you have to do is add a few video links to the template.

4. You may also add a background to your video CTA's if you want.

5. Add your Instagram, Facebook and other handles and any text that you feel necessary, for example; like, share and subscribe.

6. Add your company's logo or profile picture into the space provided in the template.

7. Now preview your 'ready in 2 minutes' Outro as it comes to life!

Yes, my dear friends, that is just it!

A few useful tips that will add to your subscribers and likes!

1. Say no to overcrowding: Some Channels mention around 10 videos and other pop ups in their Outros. This is very undesirable and fails to make the conclusion of the video as catchy and intriguing as an Outro is expected to make. So, keep the Outro spacious and neat.

2. Try to use the same template in all your videos. This adds to the consistency. It gradually makes the appearance of the Outro specific and relatable to your channel, in the viewers' minds. In addition, it makes things easier for you as you need not repeatedly search for new templates.

3. The CTA's that you insert must be reasonable. They should be related to the content they just watched. For example, you may have made a detailed video earlier on something you talked about somewhere in the video. So, you want your viewers to refer to that particular video, so that they have a better understanding, and also to increase your views and watch time.

4. Keep the background of the Outro template contrasting, yet simple. This drives much of the viewers' attention to the contents of the Outro. 

YouTube is truly an amazing platform for you to connect to a vast audience and to earn money. Outros using YouTube editors make up for a great tool in maximizing your reach and profit. So, make sure that you leave no stone unturned! This tool is especially required to be used by business channels and full-time bloggers. Don't underestimate the power of this simple and innovative approach of having an Outro, you may be missing an opportunity to connect to more people, you never know!

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