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Updates that can Benefit your Business

Why do you update your laptop or iPhone as soon as Apple releases a new update?

Is it just for security reasons? Probably not!

Updates are a way of accessing the latest features. It’s all about staying up-to-date in terms of trend and technology. 

When it comes to a business, updates are the way to achieve long-term growth. Your customer’s demand may change, or you may have to accommodate the changing market requirement – updating your business processes and marketing strategies is a way to ensure you don’t fall prey to digital Darwinism.

Updates that can Benefit your Business

A decade or two back, print media was the sole bread-earner for companies, but with change in technology and penetration of the internet, that changed. So, your marketing strategies also changed. 

That’s why it’s critical to update your business.

Any update you make should cater to customer queries and increase their satisfaction. Otherwise, your efforts will go in vain. Going with the trend and incorporating changes based on your current business scenario is what differentiates a successful business from an unsuccessful one.

Let’s dive in to understand how updating your marketing strategies will help in long-term growth. 

6 Updates that can Benefit your Business

As rightly said by James Cash Penney, “Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.” – these forces are your marketing strategies. Here are six updates you can make to benefit your business and accelerate its growth. 

1. Conduct brand tracking surveys

Think of the ‘Coca-Cola’ brand for a moment. Their red color logo and ‘Open Happiness’ slogan is the first thing that strikes your mind. Brands like these tend to remain in the customer’s mind even when they’re not using it. 

Though many factors contribute to their success, most brands rely on brand tracking to 

understand their perceptions and tweak changes. It helps them stay in the customer’s collective consciousness. Using brand tracking, companies can measure the effectiveness of their brand image, brand awareness, and brand growth. 

Often, companies use a brand tracking template to measure the effect of their advertisement campaign and understand their brand health over time. 


Conduct brand tracking surveys

As said by Bill Bradley,” Becoming number one is easier than remaining number one.”

That’s what brand tracking surveys help you achieve. 

For example, you’re a cosmetic brand that launched an advertisement campaign around your 

new waterproof cosmetics range in subways and billboards. For understanding the performance of your ad campaign and how customers feel about it, conduct brand tracking surveys to give you a better sense of the overall impact of your campaign. 

Benefits of brand tracking surveys

Measure performance over time

Help in staying connected with customers

Gives details on campaign effectiveness

Provide ROI of marketing initiatives

Compares your brand with competitors

2. Focus on interactive marketing

Have you ever wondered how Amazon sends you product recommendations based on your previous search history?

Amazon analyzes visitor’s behavior and shows intelligent suggestions to customers. This technique of adjusting and responding to customer’s actions in real-time is known as interactive marketing

This creates a two-way marketing dialogue between your brand and customer. As a result, it’s a game-changer for brands looking to grow their business. 


Focus on interactive marketing

But why is interactive marketing slowly gaining traction?

With Google processing more than 40,000 search queries every second, your customers rely on the internet more than ever to search and buy products. That’s why brands that leverage the power of interactive marketing are the ones that are successful in the long-term. 

From live video broadcast to virtual events, interactive marketing makes a customer feel understood and heard.

Benefits of interactive marketing

Increase user engagement by creating memorable experiences

Improve conversion rate

Enhance qualified lead generation

Result in more social media sharing

Ensure personalization of services

3. Create your podcast

According to research, more than 51% of US customers above 12 listen to podcasts. This statistic indicates a substantial untapped podcast audience, and podcasts are on the verge of becoming the next radio.

That’s why it's essential to start a podcast. If you have funds, you can start your podcast or advertise on a famous one. 

With three out of every four customers listening to podcasts to learn something new, it could be an update your business has always been looking for. Also, podcasts give your customers a chance to see the real you instead of guessing from your blog’s tone. A great podcast episode feels like having a chit-chat over a cup of coffee. This increases the likelihood of listeners converting to paying customers. 

Furthermore, it isn’t tricky to start podcasting. Contrary to popular belief, creating podcasts doesn’t require significant investments or a studio-type setup. You only need a workable microphone to create podcasts that your customers would love to hear.

Benefits of podcasting

Provides authority

Builds a strong network and referrals

Allows repurposing each episode into blogs, articles, or newsletter

Creates emotional connection

Helps in earning money

Increases website traffic

4. Focus on website monitoring

In the ever-changing digital landscape, having a website is one thing; ensuring it’s available throughout the year is another thing. Today, the internet is an indispensable part of improving your productivity, it could also be a place for your business procrastination. 

Even with a website uptime rate of 99%, your business is still experiencing 3.65 days of downtime every year. While these figures may not be intriguing, the monetary impact they could have on your revenue is something you should worry about.

That’s where website monitoring comes into the picture. 


Focus on website monitoring

Website monitoring ensures your website is always available and has a fast load time. Visitors with poor website experience will not think twice before switching to your competitors. This monitoring encompasses a wide range of variables that affect website performance including, database, server connectivity, bandwidth, domain name, and network, to name a few. 

Benefits of website monitoring

Ensures excellent website performance

Enhances end-user experience

Compares performance metrics with competitors

Boosts search engine optimization

Builds brand credibility

5. Create and promote videos

Social media platforms and websites have progressively seen a paradigm shift in the adoption rate of videos. The sharp rise of TikTok has shown what videos are capable of achieving and what marketers were missing out on all these years. 

That’s why it’s essential to create and promote videos. It could be explainer, promotional, sales presentation, onboarding, or teaser videos. Irrespective of the type of video you share, it’s likely to outshine your content. Why?

Videos remove the initial hurdle of communicating the value proposition to the customers. Using videos, you can demonstrate how your product is different from the competitors and what your product does.

Benefits of videos

Drives conversion

Capture the audience attention

Seamlessly communicates the message

Enhances SEO

Increases social shares

6. Build your review profile

With 9 in 10 B2B buyers likely to purchase after reading reviews, you cannot afford to overlook the importance of reviews as a brand. 

The clock is ticking! Build your review profile before customers switch to your competitors. 

Furthermore, with Google and other search engines using reviews as a ranking factor, it’s even more important to have reviews on different sites like Google My Business, G2, Capterra, Facebook, Yelp, etc.


Build your review profile

You have to actively seek and request customers to leave feedback on these review platforms. Ask them to leave reviews after using your product or service. If a customer recommends a genuine issue, try implementing it. Furthermore, follow up with your customers and always reply to all reviews you receive. 

Whether negative or positive, feedback is a great way to improve. Never take any review to your heart; instead, see it as a learning opportunity. When you ignore customers’ feedback, you miss the golden opportunity to harness the word-of-mouth publicity from your most vocal brand advocates. 

Benefits of online reviews

Influence customer behavior

Increases online visibility

Enhances SEO

Expands conversations about a brand

Increases sales

Build trust and credibility

Let’s jump on the update bandwagon

Success mantra for 2021: Growth and update strategies don’t work in a vacuum as it requires constant change based on the market and customer requirement. 

Often, businesses create a strategy or business update plan but take more than a year to implement these changes. The market changes by the time they implement the changes – resulting in a vicious circle. That’s why it’s essential to implement updates as and when they come knocking on your door. 

Developing a growth strategy that benefits a business is not a one-size-fits-all process. If online reviews worked for your competitors, they may or may not yield the same result for you. Of course, you can always learn from others, but based on your business and requirement, update your business processes.  

When planning to grow your business, focus on these six updates as they will help you sail your boat in 2021 and beyond. 

What updates are you bringing to your business? How is it helping your business?

Do let us know!

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