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Social Media Marketing: Is Passive Social Media Marketing Better Than Active?

Social Media Marketing involves a lot of hard work for online businesses and organizations. Using analytics tools available on various platforms makes some part of that work easier. You could even buy Instagram likes to increase traffic to your page. To fully understand social media marketing, one must analyze the differences between passive and active marketing through social media networks.

Passive Active Social Media Marketing

Passive Social Media Marketing

A passive approach to marketing on social media involves using these platforms as a source of research and information. Every social media strategy must start with researching the target market, and social media readily provides a wealth of information that can be used in place of traditional market research methods.


Two major advantages of using social media for market research are that it is free, and it is effectively instantaneous. Traditional methods of market research are both time-consuming and costly, whereas social media market research can easily be analyzed with negligible costs and feedback from consumers is “live”. 

For example, unboxing videos are a free resource of feedback for products in all different categories and manufacturers can easily use these videos to enhance their product.


The quality of this research cannot be guaranteed due to the widespread phenomenon of trolls on social media. Although much of the content can be trusted as honest reviews with real opinions, there is a large portion of content online that is skewed towards whatever will get more engagement from audiences. In other words, people could be giving bad reviews in hopes of getting interactions from other users. 

Active Social Media Marketing

The most widely used method of marketing is active marketing, and the same applies to social media. It includes advertisements, direct marketing and customer engagement among others. On social media, influencer marketing is highly effective because people nowadays are almost always online in one form or another, and can easily be influenced by content they view online. 


The results of active social media marketing are very effective, and influencer marketing in specific can raise brand awareness and help boost your revenue and drive sales. Influencers have access to a large audience and are viewed as trusted sources of information by many consumers. This makes them a better investment than direct marketing, and more effective than passive marketing. 


Especially with influencers, you would be relinquishing control of your brand marketing strategy to them, and so you must choose carefully. Also, many social media users feel overwhelmed by the amount of advertising they come across. Potential consumers might think your marketing approach is annoying them, which is not good for your brand image. 

The Verdict

The best approach is to diversify your marketing strategy and try to achieve a balance between both passive and active social media marketing. In any case, both methods are viable and useful ways to market your product or business.

Developing a brand image requires some tactical thinking. Although social media marketing is a useful tool for any business, careful consideration is needed to design the best approach suited to your needs. 

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