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TikViral's Effective Guide To Stop TikTok From Tracking Your Data [2023]

    In this digital world, TikTok has become the destination for watching funny, genuine, and exciting short-form videos. The working of TikTok might surprise you the most as that gathers your data on recent searches and interests. Do you know how? It's a manipulative algorithm. Once you use it, the TikTok algorithm tracks your data and showcases the videos you like to watch. But, it is important to know that its powerful recommendation system monitors your activities on the platform. You won't know where your information is going and who will use your data.

    As TikTok becomes more famous, most businesses are significantly taking advantage of TikTok and creating interesting and exciting content to promote their brand. Also, savvy businesses often prefer to get free tiktok likes to enhance their online presence. However, there are a lot of controversies about the security issues on TikTok and the platform improvising itself to offer a whole new way to stop tracking the data. Certainly, you can stop TikTok from monitoring your data. Here let us discuss how you can do it.


    #1 Reject Cookies In Browsers & Apps 

    TikTok gathers data from your account and browser. So yes, it is essential to disallow cookies while using your browser or any apps, especially TikTok. Get to know that cookies are developed to take control of your browsing history and data. So, it is suggested not to accept cookies. For example, if you access your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram directly from your browser, it would drag your information. As well, TikTok will collect your data. There is even a chance for third-party vendors to manage all your information. So to be safer, stop your browser from getting information or storing cookies. 

    #2 Don't Register On Third-Party Apps

    Every social media platform will ask users to provide information like name, age, and more while registering or logging on to the platform. In TikTok, also users have to give the required data to use it. This way, TikTok collects your basic information, and the algorithm monitors your move. Even TikTok collects your information for the third-party application. So it is suggested not to install or register on the third-party application. While registering or logging on to TikTok for the first time, TikViral says to avoid utilizing your social media account. If you use it, TikTok quickly gets your data, so register your TikTok account using your email address to stay on the safer side from the data collectors. 

    #3 Use VPNs & Proxy Services While Using TikTok

    If you are registering on any social media application, that will give the essential information. However, location tracking is key, and TikTok will also track your location. This is how it suggests more localized content on the platform. More local influencers are creating exciting videos tailored to their user needs and leveraging TikViral to boost their reach. Whenever you open the application, you might have noted that there is more localized content on the platform. More contents are especially from local influencers. But, to be safer, it is suggested to use virtual private networks (VPNs) and premium proxies to trick TikTok's algorithm. You can mask your IP address using the proxy services. So use both VPN and proxy services to use TikTok effectively and get a better result. 

    #4 Don't Allow TikTok To Recommend Your Account

    TikTok offers privacy features that allow users to follow you and watch your videos. It won't affect your existing followers. There are two options that you can click on to recommend your account. They are:

    ● Suggest your account to others 

    ● Sync contacts and Facebook friends

    You have to ensure to deactivate this privacy feature. Don't have any idea where to check it out? Go over this article. 

    ● Click on your TikTok profile 

    ● Tap the three horizontal bars 

    ● Choose Settings and privacy

    ● Then click Privacy

    ● Toggle off the Suggest your account to others & Sync contacts and Facebook friends.

    #5 Use TikTok As A Viewer

    If you explore TikTok, there is endless entertainment and information content. Most users are mainly using this app to enjoy watching these videos. Fortunately, there is an option that you can use the platform without opening a TikTok account. Without logging in, you can view the content in the browser, which reduces the chance for TikTok to gather information from the mobile app cookies and browser. However, it is hard to stop sniffing. And to stay safer, start using TikTok without registering, preventing your profile from being discoverable on other social media platforms. 

    Wrapping It Up

    Are you thinking that you can prevent TikTok from monitoring your data? Probably, no. Because the company designed its algorithm to track the information to engage the users intently, your activities get tracked whenever you open the application and start using it. 

    We've outlined strategies to prevent TikTok from monitoring you, and it's important to remember that entirely preventing it is extremely hard as long as you continue to use the app. Meanwhile, using these techniques will drastically restrict the data that TikTok has known about you.

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