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How Can Drop Legacy PHP Support In WordPress?

WordPress is still supporting the installations of PHP 5.2.4. As plugin developers, we have the power to drop supporting these legacy versions in our plugins where we can control over the codebase.

Security is a major cause to upgrade. PHP security vulnerabilities are exposed entire the time but are no longer patched in PHP 5.2 to 5.5. Just as the WordPress community supporter continually updating WordPress core as well as plugins, the similar should be applied to PHP versions.

Dropping this very old version of PHP makes it easier, to make themes as well as plugins for WordPress, because you may utilize newer functions as well as eliminatelegacy code (which helps the code easier to sustain as well as improve).

Site Loading And Speed Factor

WordPress Site Loading Issue

Site loading as well as performance should be the many anxiety for site developers as well as owners. If you website is fast loading speed that means visitors will be happy as well as site  ranking in Google may be higher as well as grow conversions. It turns out keeping up with the newest PHP version could see large performance improvements.

PHP 7 ensures the system to execute twice as several requests per second in evaluation with the PHP 5.6, at approximately half of the latency.

Developer Experience

Several PHP versions bring up with innovative features of the language that make life easier as a php development company. However if we have to support extreme legacy PHP versions we can’t effortlessly utilize these attributes without version-checking as well as hacks for previous installs.

User Experience

WP plugin user experience

Developing plugins while WordPress supports a wide range of PHP versions is tremendously problematic. There is a vast dissimilarity between the type of PHP you might write between these versions, which affects how you write code as well as may have an effect on the user experience of your plugin. Constantly testing entire aspects of your plugin on a wide range of PHP versions is exhausting as well as will ultimately lead to broken experiences as well as the odd white screen of death.

What May You Do?

So what can you do to drop the number of installs on legacy PHP versions as well as allow you to code happy?

For plugins on the WordPress Development Company, a rapid as well simple approach to alert innovative users to the minimum PHP version your plugin supports is utilizing a directive in the readme.txt file. The Requires PHP header was declared  back in August 2017 and displays this on the plugin page on the repository:
However, this isn’t a hard restriction as well as users may still install the plugin, however it’s a first step to obtain plugins to adopt the standard that WordPress may then utilize to impose further restrictions during the installation procedure, an approach that is still being discussed.

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